“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Nestled in the Victoria Park neighborhood, Café Collective is centrally located in downtown Fort Lauderdale connected to the Waverly building. Café Collective is exactly what the name implies, a shared workspace where students and professionals can network, learn and grow their business. It is a “place where brilliant minds can come and expand from one another.” Patrons have the space available to study or work free of charge. Added amenities are available by purchasing one of the varied membership package plans. Members benefit from use of the conference room, free parking, mailing address and package management as well as other offerings described in more detail on their website. Collective Ventures introduced the co-working café in April 2018. Now, approaching their one-year anniversary, the establishment is deeply rooted in the community hosting events like movie night, karaoke, gallery showings, story telling and open mic.

The café serves coffee, baked goods, wine, beer and snacks in addition to lunch and dinner options. The selection of health conscious menu items focus on farm-to-table meals and lighter fare from local vendors. Everything on the menu is not only delicious, but 600 calories or less. “When you’re working you want a light bite or a snack, not a big meal that weighs you down and makes you tired,” says Jessica, a café employee. With that in mind, the menu is carefully curated to satisfy hunger and give guests the energy they need to meet their work obligations. The café is open from 8am to 8pm Monday-Friday.

To learn about membership packages or view the café menu visit: https://collectiveventures.org

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