Executive Chef, Mike Ponluang has been in the culinary game since before the term “foodie” was even created. He began preparing food at a young age in his small, family-owned restaurant in Thailand. His love of the hospitality industry continued to grow when he decided to major in hotel and restaurant administration and worked part-time as a cook in Bangkok. In 1980, Ponluang moved to Fort Lauderdale where he worked at various restaurants before opening Thai Express and Thai Pepper. In 2006, Ponluang introduced Floridians to Coco Asian Bistro & Bar. Ponluang’s success can most likely be attributed to his passion for cooking and his tenacity to work his way to the top from dishwasher to owner.

Ponluang incorporates herbs like chili, cilantro, ginger, turmeric and cumin into his recipes that not only provide key components for the flavor of each dish, but have many health benefits. For example, chili or phrik aids in the respiratory system and heart functions while cilantro or coriander leaves assist in digestion.

Many factors are considered when choosing a restaurant, but one of the most important is the taste. Coco Asian Bistro & Bar offers a selection of delicious dishes from fresh sushi rolls and sashimi, to dumplings and other starters, and well known favorites like pad thai. All of the menu items combine quality ingredients with bold flavors to create satisfying and appealing dishes that keep customers returning to Coco Asian Bistro & Bar.

Take a look at some of the mouthwatering dishes that I ordered on my last visit to one of my favorite Asian restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.


Fried Calamari– this appetizer is done right. The calamari starter takes lightly fried rings tosses them in sweet chili sauce.

Dumplings– a trip to an Asian restaurant is incomplete without an order of dumplings. These steamed purses of deliciousness are filled with shrimp, bamboo shoot, mushroom and water chestnuts.

Kobe Yuki– is a unique item to order with impressive and sophisticated ingredients. The small plate is made with chopped raw Kobe beef gently placed atop sushi rice served over lettuce and presented with caviar.

Conch Sashimi– thinly sliced into petite pieces this wonderfully fresh and delicious starter can be eaten alone or served with a sweet and spicy sauce for dipping.


Lobster Pad Thai-this dish is a must try from the chef’s selection of the menu. Comprised of 6oz Maine lobster tail, large shrimp, egg, rice noodle, garlic, beansprout, ground roasted peanut, scallions, wrapped in an eggnet, the Lobster Pad Thai is a winning combination of flavors that will satisfy any palate.

Hang Over– a nightly special that incorporates a medley of shellfish: Shrimp, scallops, mussels, squid and served over squid ink noodles with tomato, onion and fried basil.


Dragon Roll– made with shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, cucumber and masago with avocado on top

Spider Roll– made with fried soft shell crab, cream cheese, spinach, masago, scallion and eel sauce.

Coco Asian Bistro & Bar provides guests an award winning dining experience with stellar reviews. Local resident, Danny Gelfand appreciates the consistency he receives at the restaurant, “You know that you’re always going to get the freshest ingredients, a beautiful presentation and a bunch of delicious plates.” In April 2019, Coco Asian Bistro & Bar will celebrate 13 years in business with a reputation to locals and visitors as one of the best Asian cuisine restaurants in South Florida.

See for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information visit: http://www.cocoasianbistro.com

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