Coco Asian Bistro & Bar is located at 1841 Cordova Road in the Harbor Shops.  Coco is certainly not your average Asian restaurant.  From soup to nuts, Chef Mike Ponluang and his team promise to provide each patron with an exceptional dining experience that blends Thai dishes with French culinary techniques.  For the past five years they have proved to their customers that they are a unique establishment worth revisiting.  Soothing instrumental music sounds through the air, star-shaped white lights illuminate the tables and elegant décor fills the room.  Sink into a booth with white curtains draped around the outside for a more intimate setting that comfortably seats two to four. Choose to sit outside in the covered patio area surrounded by lush greenery. Take a seat at the sushi bar to see up close and personal how menu favorites are meticulously made to order.

To start, sample the small plate Fried Crispy Calamari.  For the calamari connoisseur it will undeniably satisfy.  Unlike the traditional heavily breaded calamari with marinara, Coco revamps the dish to perfection.  The calamari is lightly battered and tossed in red chili sauce to create a combination of sweet and spicy.  The tender texture attests to its freshness.

Order the Yellowtail Special starter, cut in the traditional sashimi one bite style it is comprised of sprout cucumber wrapped with yellowtail tuna served with soy sauce and sprinkled with spices.  The appetizer creates a delightful contrast between the raw fish and crunchy vegetables enhanced by a blend of spices and soy sauce.

An appetizer special not to miss is the King Crab Meat Dynamite.  The king crab meat is mixed with masago and spicy mayo toasted and served atop rice.  The creamy texture of the crab with the spicy mayo and rice gives a melt in your mouth savory taste that is packed with flavor.

Chef Mike confirmed that all fish is fresh and never frozen.  It is packed tight with ice and shipped a few times a week from Hawaii.  Each bite confirmed that freshness and quality are never comprised by the chef. Dennis Burns, a local resident remarked, “It’s the freshest sushi I have ever had and I’ve eaten a lot of sushi in South Florida”.

For the main dish, choose the Lobster Pad Thai prepared with rice noodles, bean sprouts, eggs, peanut sauce topped with shrimp and large lobster tails.

In the mood for a sushi roll?  Coco has thirty specialty rolls to choose from on their menu with clear descriptions that specify the ingredients used in each.

Looking to make a lasting impression?  The lobster sushi roll is tempura lobster, asparagus, avocado and cucumber.  Presentation is important and Coco spares no expense.  It is served on a large plate with a martini glass filled with oranges, a lobster tail propped up against the glass and garnished with edible tempura vegetables.

Try one of their decadent desserts.  The Chocolate Mousse Cake consists of three layers of chocolate and coconut mousse garnished with dark chocolate shavings and fresh fruit.  It is light and fluffy with a subtle flavor of coconut that complements the rich chocolate taste.

Try a refreshing exotic drink.  Choose one from the generous drink list.  The Lychee Saketini mixes Rock Sake Cloud, fresh tropical lychee fruit puree and fresh lemon juice.  Spice up the traditional cosmopolitan, the Ginger Cosmo is made of ginger infused vodka, Grand Marnier and white cranberry juice.  The Bangkok affair is a lot safer than the real thing but just as satisfying. It combines Kai Lychee Vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice.

Plan your next afternoon or evening out to Coco Asian Bistro & Bar.  You will be pleased with the quality of ingredients and preparation that is taken for every dish presented to your table. The dishes will appeal to your senses and delight your palate.

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