The Montanari team closed the popular Sono Brewhouse Restaurant in South Norwalk, CT and opted for a more intimate venue.  Located at 3001 Fairfield Avenue in the Black Rock neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT, Hub and Spoke is a perfect addition to community revitalization efforts encouraging people to eat, drink and shop locally.  Even the name, Hub and Spoke reflects on their values, hub being the central meeting place where people come together and spoke representing the off shoots relating to community resources, all collaborating to form a cohesive unit.

Hub and Spoke is an innovative restaurant with a modern American menu that has something for everyone. A considerable part of the menu offers small plates or tapas style intended to share. The small plate concept allows guests to order an assortment of items to sample, rather than filling up on one entrée. It is an interesting way to taste a variety of dishes from an eclectic selection.  Small plates encourage guests to enjoy the food they order together.  Savoring a variety of items makes the meal more interactive and ultimately enjoyable.  Executive chef and owner, Lou Montanari wants to return to the days when friends actually shared a meal, not just a table.  “So often we go out to eat and someone orders the chicken, the other orders the steak and we’re not really sharing a meal together, we’re just sharing a table.”  The American tapas menu features small plates at reasonable prices that Lou jokingly states, “You don’t have to take a loan out to eat.”

The menu showcases some of Lou’s favorite dishes hand-picked from his extensive travels.  Drawing upon a diverse collection of flavors and influences from regions and cultures spanning across America, Hub and Spoke incorporates all of these under one roof.  The menu is made up of a medley of choices ranging from American Tapas, Hand Held, Cutting Board as well as Salads and Soups.  Staying true to their roots, Hub and Spoke participates with local food and beverage vendors.  Lou strives to use the most basic ingredients as possible.  Everything is made from scratch including fresh ground burgers, sausages, chorizo, both pork and brisket are smoked in house.  In reference to the ingredients that he uses Lou strongly believes, “If you start off with good stuff, you’ll end up with good stuff.”  Lou definitely knows food from the ingredients, to preparation and execution of the perfect dishes that will please crowds and make guests come back for more.

Begin sampling comfort food at its finest from the American Tapas section of the menu.  Meet me in Poutine heaven, fresh cut fries smothered with beef gravy and melted cheese curds result in cheesy deliciousness.  The cheese curds are shipped in from Wisconsin, home of cheese experts.  Next, the Maryland crab cakes are definite must try.  These buttery, flaky, light melt in your mouth crab cakes are made from all real crabmeat served with a spicy remoulade sauce.  The perfect winter choice to warm you up on a cold day are the Shrimp and Grits.  Spicy andouille sausage provides the smoky flavor that combines with succulent shrimp and creamy cheesy grits to create a feel good dish you won’t want to miss.  Choose the Roasted Brussel Sprouts these crunchy, lightly seasoned and pan seared to perfection veggies are bursting with color and flavor. Order the Crushed Creamers, gently crushed baby potatoes roasted with garlic and olive oil producing a simple dish bold on taste.  Try a bowl of the award winning Three Bean Beef Chili, voted best in competition at the 2016 Mac & Chili Challenge.

From the Hand Held section of the menu, order the Pulled Pork Tacos smoked pork, topped with fresh Mexican slaw and grilled pineapple served in soft taco shells.  The smoky pork flavor mixes well with the sweet grilled pineapple.  Another Hand Held to try are the Chorizo Tacos, smoked chorizo sausage with sweet plantains and fresh Mexican slaw.  The spicy and sweet balance creates an unique combination of flavors.

The Bratwurst is one of the items located under the Cutting Board section of the menu.  This house made unsmoked sausage is served with house fermented kraut, stone ground mustard and a pumpernickel roll.   The spicy mustard pairs well with the sour kraut, and soft, tender sausage slices.  Take the perfect bite by topping a piece of sausage with mustard and kraut. Enjoy and repeat.

To finish your meal, try the Blueberry lemon tart, one of the hand crafted desserts made with graham cracker crust, blueberry compote, lemon curd and topped with fresh whipped cream.

Hub & Spoke is proud to present the ultimate dinner series.  On Thursday, January 19, 2017 from 7-10 pm, guests can get a taste of Italy by participating in a five course dinner with appropriate wine pairings.  On Monday January 30, 2017 from 7-10 pm, unwind with a cigar, whiskey & bourbon tasting dinner.  On Tuesday, February 14, 2017 from 7-10 pm, show your love with a five course dinner and red wine pairing.  Only $90 per person, the dinner series give guests an opportunity to sip and taste in a smaller setting.  Make your reservation today for a memorable evening.

The private room is available upon request for parties, corporate functions and special events. The space comfortably accommodates 60 seated and 100 standing choose from an assortment of lunch, dinner and cocktail packages.

Eat and drink local where small plates are bursting with big flavor.  Hub and Spoke has all of the components that make up a recipe for success: good food, friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere.

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