The Connecticut based restaurant group who introduced the popular Barcelona Wine Bar, bartaco (with a lower case “b”) presents a similar concept offering a tapas inspired menu. The Westport location, one of three in Connecticut, has a vacation like atmosphere that invites guests to share in a fun, yet sophisticated dining experience. The restaurant’s beach vibe is evident with its coastal, summer décor comprised of ocean photography, woven basket light fixtures and white-washed interior. The owners behind bartaco believe in creating dishes made from simple ingredients that incorporate bold flavors. The menu features a kaleidoscope of colors that reflects the restaurant’s festive, lively attitude towards sharing a meal with friends and family. Inspired by street food prevalent in North and South America, bartaco draws upon elements of Latin American culture. The menu is divided into categories: Tacos, Not Tacos, Rice Bowls (taco filling over brown rice), Sides and Kids. Everything is served on one platter, all part of the communal dining experience, in order to sample a variety of items.

Not Taco Favorites

Guac- Creamy, fresh guacamole served with whole fried corn tortilla rounds. Snap off into shards, dip and repeat. Pairs perfectly with a bartaco margarita made with libélula joven tequila, combier liquer d’orange, agave syrup and fresh lime juice.

Duck Quesadilla- Hand pressed blue corn tortilla stuffed with carmelilzed onions, juicy duck, tomatilla sauce, melted cortija and oaxaca cheese.

Arugula, Corn and Tomato Salad- Arugula, corn, grape tomatoes, cortija cheese and roasted tomato-sherry vinaigrette dressing composes the perfect mélange of flavors.

Plantains- Ripe fried bananas tossed in salt and cayenne to balance the caramel sweetness accompanied by a creamy herbed dipping sauce.

Gazpacho- Chilled chunky tomato based soup with onions, poblano peppers, red bell peppers and cucumbers garnished with croutons and olive oil. This refreshing choice is the ideal starter on a hot day.

Pork Tamale- This authentic dish combines slow roasted pork, fresh corn masa wrapped in a real corn husk.

Grilled corn- Mexican style corn on the cob rolled in a spicy savory blend of lime uice, cortija cheese and cayenne.

Taco Favorites

With thirteen taco fillings to choose from, bartaco has something to satisfy every palate. Each taco is crafted with specially chosen ingredients to produce the optimum flavor and texture in every bite. Pair a soft taco with one of their signature drinks like the Reviver: Perking you up with Martin Miller’s gin, cucumber, mint, lime juice and mango nectar or recharge with the Red Sonja: Olmeca Altos Reposado, byrrh quinquina, ginger, jalapeño, lemon juice and peychaud’s bitters.

Baja Fish- Made with mild cod, dipped in light crunchy tempura batter, fried and served in a corn tortilla with lime coleslaw.

Spicy Chorizo- Balanced flavor between veggies and Argentinean pork sausage.

Falafel- Packs a spicy punch served with traditional Greek-style tzatziki.

Glazed Pork Belly- A winning combination of tender, flavorful meat spiced with arbol chili sauce topped with veggies.

Sesame Ribeye- Savory Angus prime cut meat paired with kimchi veggies.

Roasted Duck- Tender duck with cilantro and raw onions.

The secret is out, bartaco has unveiled their most recent secret taco creation, the lobster taco. The lobster taco starts with a base of guacamole inside a crispy corn shell, topped with chilled chipotle lobster salad and drizzled with citrus sherry vinaigrette. Find out more about the secret taco on Instagram using the hashtag #bartacosecret.

Rice Bowl Favorite

The Pork Belly rice bowl is a must try. This heavenly creation is made with thick cuts of tender pork bell, steamed brown rice topped with julienne sliced bell peppers and onions.

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