Steffi Decker is the name behind S.V.Decker, a jewelry store located in Milford Center. Not only does she create and sell stylish and soulful pieces, but she is also an all around cool chick and savvy businesswoman. She describes her jewelry as “handmade, wearable art” that can compliment an outfit as well as awaken inner awareness. Steffi shares her spiritual side in the pieces that she showcases to her customers by incorporating stones and crystals that have a deeper meaning within her work. Come see which piece fits your personality. Shop online or in person. For more information visit:

What inspires you? Do you draw creativity from anything/anyone in particular?

I feel like my inspiration always stems from some sort of spiritual influence, whether it is a religious piece of jewelry, a piece symbolizing your astrological sign, etc. I think it’s important to work soulful, meaningful messages into the jewelry that you put on your body as a gentle reminder throughout the day that there is a higher power working in your favor. 

What is your mission?

 My mission is to create a business that cannot only empower women to follow their passions but one that will also provide people with jobs and opportunities in the future. One motto that I always keep in mind and that has never ever failed me is to remember that what lights your soul on fire is not a random, it is not a mistake and it should never be ignored. It is there for a reason and your job is to fuel it.

What is your favorite thing that you enjoy about your job?

My favorite part about my job is my freedom. It is something that I remind myself to be more grateful of on a daily basis. I have freedom to design and create everyday and having the freedom to bring ideas to life is something I hope everyone gets to experience. 

Are there any special pieces that you’re working on now?

Yes, I have just finished styling two layering looks with different necklaces. These two looks are each composed of 3 necklaces that compliment each other beautifully when worn together, but can still hold their own if worn separately.

How would the people who know you describe you? 

I think the people who know me best would describe me as light hearted but extremely passionate. I tend to be very relaxed and laid back, but when I am passionate about something, there is nothing that will get in the way of me achieving that.

What do you like about the location of your store?

The location of my store has really been something that I’m extremely grateful for. The community that I am lucky enough to be a part of is made up of some of the most kind, supportive and inspiring people I’ve ever met. Milford will always hold a very special spot in my heart.

What are you goals for the future?

I have lots of goals for the future-some that I can share with you now are really working on boosting my online presence as well as collaborating with other influencers and brands that share a similar vision.

Tell me about your shop dog.

So my dog is probably one of my favorite things in the world – he definitely runs my world, BUT he’s a little crazy and his puppy energy is through the roof so as much as I had intended for him to be a full time shop dog, he has some maturing to do before I can have him in the store all the time!!

What is your brand?

My brand is empowering, from many points of view. I started it when in my college dorm room and opened up my first store shortly after that at 23 years old. I want people, especially women to hear that and instantly feel like they can do that – or whatever it is that they want to do – and kick ass at it! Age is just a number, there’s nothing anyone can’t do I really believe that with every part of my being. I also want people to feel empowered, sexy and beautiful when they wear my jewelry. Whether it is a woman wearing a bunch of sexy layered necklaces or a man wearing a bad ass leather cuff bracelet, I want them to feel like they can get down with their bad selves when they have my stuff on. 

Describe the experience when visiting S.V. Decker.

I always like to make sure that it’s a happy, relaxing and uplifting experience when people come into S.V. Decker. I like them to leave feeling happier than they did when they walked in. I think its important to remember that jewelry is fun, so the store should be a fun experience, jewelry should never be stressful, just FUN!